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Extreme Removal (Bell) 2 way (Left & Right)

Product Code: Extreme Removal (Bell) 2 way (Left & Right)

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Designed especially for CJP, a Bell bit specifically for both left handed AND right handed users, in a 3X Extra Coarse. This seems a lot but being a 2 way piece its equivalent to a XCoarse one way bit. 

Tungsten Carbide Extreme removal bit, Bell shaped and perfect for removal of Acrylic, Hard Gel, and Enhancements. This extra, extra coarse e-file bit will cut through your nails and time like butter.

Has minimal heat build up  due to its "teeth" like design dissipating heat quickly, why? Heat build up only occurs when your e-file bit is held in the same place on the nail for too long, with these bits your product is removed so fast there's no need to stay in the same place - thus no heat. NOT DESIGNED FOR USE ON THE NATURAL NAIL PLATE. 

Depending on the angle you move this over the nail be cautious as usual. Please refer to your E-File training

Drill bits must be pushed in your hand piece all the way, sticking out too far they will "loop" and vibrate more, for best results and minimal vibration use on full speed and adjust your pressure and movement speed for the perfect fast service.

Drill bits for 3/32 Drills will fit 99% E-File models, if in doubt please ask!  ALL drill bits and files are for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. You must hold a relevant E-File qualification for use on the public and for insurance purposes. 

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