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Blushed Peach BOB15ml

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Blushed Peach

Colour – Cover Warm Peach

BOB- AKA Brush on Builder - Bob is a primerless, one component self levelling brush on builder gel.  No heat spike and a base/build/gloss in one. We recommend you infill this product, if you wish to remove completely you can file back to the base layer and soak. With health and safety in mind Bob contains less than 1.5% HEMA and was developed and made in the UK. These gels create beautiful long, strong nails suitable for use with forms or nail tips. Apply in a thin/thick/thin fashion. You can also do an initial scrub layer for superior adhesion.  For ultimate lasting power and to provide extra flex we highly reccomend a coat or two of clear Rubber IT as your basecoat. 

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