CJP Folding Case 1 800x800.jpg
CJP Folding Case 2 800x800.jpg
CJP Folding Case 3 800x800.jpg
CJP Queenie Brush 800x800-500x500.jpg
CJP Big Boy Brush800x800.jpg
CJP Liz Guild Brush800x800.jpg
CJP 3D Petite Brush800x800.jpg
CJP Line it Fine Brush 800x800.jpg
CJP Slant Slayer Brush 800x800.jpg
CJP All Oval It Brush 800x800.jpg
CJP Flat as a Pancake Brush 800x800.jpg
CJP Tiny Touches Brush 800x800.jpg
CJP Love By CJP800x800.jpg
CJP 3D Precise Brush800x800.jpg

Brush Case With 11 CJP Brushes

Product Code: Brush Case With 11 CJP Brushes

★★★★★ 5.00 1

Holographic Rose gold Case  WITH 11 brushes

A beautiful yet practical brush storage case, ideal for salon based or mobile techs due to the cases versatility.  Complete with the CJP brush collection

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