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CJP 15ml Bottle BAD GIRLS800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle BOMBSHELL800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle FLOWER BOMB800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle HERO800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle MAGIC HOUR800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle PAPARAZZI800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle PEEKABOO800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle PROJECT DIAMOND800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle TAKE A CHANCE800x800.jpg
CJP 15ml Bottle ZAZZLE800x800.jpg

C Jel P - Born to Sparkle

Product Code: C Jel P - Born to Sparkle

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C Jel P - Glitter Collection 

1 x Bad Girls 15ml

1 x Bombshell 15ml

1 x Flower Bomb 15ml

1 x Hero 15ml

1 x Magic Hour 15ml

1 x Paparazzi 15ml

1 x Peekaboo 15ml

1 x Project Diamond 15ml

1 x Take a Chance 15ml

1 x Zazzle 15ml 

Intense Glitter polishes jam packed with mulit sized particles and shards. Double layer for solid coverage or apply a coat over a contrasting shade. 

Apply in thin coats. LED 30-60/UV 2 mins. Please Refer to directions for use for full Instructions.

Made in the UK. HEMA Free


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