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Electric Blue Powder Pot 10g

Product Code: Electric Blue Powder Pot 10g

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Coloured Powder

CJP Coloured Acrylic powder offers the durability of a strength powder, delivers exceptional adhesion and flexibility, easy to work with consistency in a range of colours.

To make it easier to change colour at a maintenance appointment we recommended you do a very thin base layer using our clear acrylic, this also protects against any staining of the natural nail.

These powders offer exceptional coverage, CJP powders are renowned for their finish and are referred to as like filing butter, taking the hard work out of finish filling whilst being uncompromised on strength and durability. These powders can be used to build structure, alternatively to make them go further build your structure in clear, some of our coloured powders also contain a hint of a shimmer or a fine sparkle.

All our monomers have been designed to work with all CJP powders so you can simply choose your favourite liquid.

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