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HEMA Free Bob Bundle 14 x 15ml

Product Code: HEMA Free Bob Bundle 14 x 15ml

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14 x HEMA Free Bobs 15ml

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Directions for use:

Nails are to be prepped and dehydrated as usual. Leave an etched surface and apply in a layered manner, Thin/thick/thin.

Always use Clear Bob as you first coat of Bob.

A base of clear Rubber IT works amazingly well under “BOB” for added durability. After curing your last layer, you can remove the dispersion layer and refine or directly apply a coat of any CJP Top Coat.

Cure for 2/3 mins UV and 60 seconds LED using the CJP 48w lamp. Bob must be built up in layers correctly to provide structure to create strong extensions. BOB is designed to infill rather than remove at each appointment.

If you wish to remove completely then you can either file off or file back to the base layer and soak. 

CJP highly recommend Clear Rubber IT as a base coat.

Made in the UK   

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