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About Us

About us 

Hello and welcome to CJP Nail Systems, Id like to introduce myself.  My name is Jemma Porch and I started my journey in the nail world around 20 years ago.  I decided to train in nails as I thought it was the easy option! How wrong was I, as I soon found out, I believe nails is different to a lot of other jobs, once you are hooked you literally live, sleep and breathe all things nails. I used to wait with bated breath when I knew I had a delivery due.  I could never just shop for the essentials I always had to add glitter.

After training I rented a room in a hair salon and built up my clientele.  For years I did basic nails as there was no such thing as social media, so you were literally on your own. When Facebook was born,  I made some online nail tech friends and joined a few groups. My eyes were opened as I could not believe all the things you could do on nails and that is when my real journey began.  I pushed products to their limits, always wanting more from them, never settling on just one thing and back then coloured acrylic were relatively new and the selection was not great, I found myself mixing things to create bespoke colours and other nail techs started to contact me asking where I got them from.

In early 2014 my husband encouraged me to take it further, make it more than just a hobby so I researched like never before.  I wanted to create everything I had ever wanted out of a product and that is where the hard work began. For the next 18 months we worked with a chemist to develop formulas and write recipes for colours.  As one door opened, another closed. It was a very testing time and I think if we hadn’t invested so much money and time, we may have given up the dream right before it started.

By late 2015 everything had passed the safety and stability testing and we were ready to go!  On the night, our first website went live I felt physically sick, the thought of releasing a brand suddenly hit me.   Within minutes people placed orders, we were so excited and from that first night CJP was born. We grew the range and expanded over the next few years and at the end of our second year we placed CJP on the international market.  Its surreal sending your very own unique colours all over the world!  We worked 18 hour days in the early years and sometimes we still do! 

We moved into our first unit in January 2017, we quickly outgrew that and a year later we moved again. CJP is a right family business, my mum worked with us up until she retired, alongside my brother, our daughter and some of my best friends, even my old next door neighbour!  In 2020 we purchased our very own headquarters in Greater Manchester and now operate from here. We have the most beautiful shop Onsight for any local techs and our very own training centre in house.   

We supply over 40k worldwide nail techs and its growing all the time. I believe the difference in our brand is because it was made by a nail tech who knows what you want and more importantly each and every product is made with love.   After placing you order pop over to Facebook and join our users’ group CJP Nail Systems official Facebook group.  Not only did we also wanted to create a brand of the most amazing products, we wanted to create a support network and watch our customers flourish and grow.  


Jemma xx