About Us

I have been a nail technician for over 12 years. Anybody who works in this industry knows that this isn't just a job it's a passion, we live sleep and breath nails. I have trialled products from around the world, always on the look out for that special something. I would wait with baited breath for the postman to bring my "presents" nail mail is seriously better than Christmas!!!

Over the years of my searching I have used products from various different companies. I was getting frustrated with coloured acrylic, some were patchy, some sticky, and some just a nightmare to work with and not to mention glitters that bled,

I decided to start mixing my own colours, over the coming months nail tech friends started asking me where I got my colours from and that's how CJP nail systems was created. I do the searching and the testing for you to ensure that each pot gives you 100 % satisfaction.

I have tried and tested so many products to find the perfect mix which led us to source and develop our own brand with a leading manufacturer centred around the nail industry we are proud to announce our acrylics have the strength and durability that is expected from leading established brands but also offers a colour range that is perfectly infused with stunning pigments and glitters.

Keep yours eyes out for a fantastic new CJP Gel system that's being put together by the queen of gel "Chrissie Pearce" we are very much looking forward to welcoming it in 2016

Imagine a product that lasts yet also excites you, is affordable yet durable well I would like to introduce you to the company of nail techs dreams, CJP Nail Systems, Amazing affordable products mixed by a nail tech for nails techs. Welcome to nail mail heaven.

All our products come with full MDSD sheets on request and comply with EU legislation. All products used in our mixes are of cosmetic grade, CJP Nail Systems are ready and waiting to supply your salon and take your nails to the next level.

All our products are designed for the professional qualified nail technician.