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Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions and the answers. You will also find a brief explanation about our products.

What is the difference and can I use either

CJP Monomer (HEMA free) is suitable for technicians/clients that suffer from allergies, we always recommend you patch test first before completing a full set on any allergy's sufferers.

CJP Monomer (Ultra Adhesive) is a durable monomer and does exactly what it says on the tin!!!


The One is both HEMA FREE and ULTRA ADHESIVE, e have also speeded it up a little, without compromising on the workability - The one stays mouldable whilst you are working the bead, then like magic as soon as you stop it cures a lot faster! Making it ideal for techs of all abilities.

CJP The One Point 2.

This bad boy is our holy grail monomer, it is both HEMA FREE and ULTRA ADHESIVE, We have slowed it down a little, without compromising on the workability - The One point 2 stays mouldable whilst you are working the bead, then like magic as soon as you stop it cures a lot faster! Making it ideal for techs of all abilities. OUR BEST SELLER

Core powders

We have a complete range of core powders consisting of clears/whites/sheer pinks and an abundance of cover pinks and peaches!...... Coconut milk was created especially for a flawless Ombre! Replace your usual white with Coconut milk and watch your Ombre blend flawlessly! Crystal Glass is literally like glass, it is the most amazing powder and one you will find hard to beat, it’s in a league of its own and showcases your glitters to perfection. On to the cover shades, there is a shade for everyone alongside the ever popular Slush Fairy, our sparkle pink!

Can I use any CJP monomer with any CJP powder?

Yes you can!.

Do the core powders need capping in clear No they do not?

Do I need to cap the coloured powders?

Any colour that needs capping has a baseball (cap) on the pot! We also recommend you cap powders that contain glitters to protect that sparkle! We have a range of over 200 shades

Time to Shine

Time to shine is our glitter collection, there’s a glitter in there for literally everyone from sugars to mixes, you will be spoilt for choice, handy 10g tubes that are easy to display and show the contents perfectly

C J Pamper

Take a trip down memory lane as the scent of sherbet lemon fills your salon. From foot scrubs to treatment oil, you can offer the most divine manicure and pedicure treatments, then up sell a mini pot to your customers to carry on the magic at home

Can I get an Acrylic sample kit?

Yes, we have a "Try me Kit" or our larger version the "Mini Core Kit"

Do I use a bonder with this System?

Yes, apart from with The ONE and The One Point 2 that’s personal preference. We have two to choose from our Ultra bond (acid free) and our Ultra acid bond - (please note we cannot ship acid bonder internationally). Ultra Acid bond is ideal for problem lifters

Why are there three different dehydrators, do I need to use all three?

No - choose one! - Personal Preference of application

Brush On - Brush it on

Prep Spray - Spray it on

Fresh Prep - Scrub it in

What is the difference between CJP and other major brands?

It was created with love by nail technicians, doing what you do!

Do CJP Monomers contain MMA?

CJP Monomers DO NOT contain MMA


Why is CJP so good???

Because of you! We could not do this without all of you supporting us and spreading the word, we hope you love our products as much as we do!

CJP is not only a high quality system, it's also affordable, we share the profit with you! we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality at the best prices!

After years of searching for the best system we literally took all our favourites bits from each and put them into one creating CJP! we launched in 2015 and have gone from strength to strength, supplying technicians and colleges all over the world!

We developed our own colour range that you will not find anywhere else as the recipes were written by ourselves and developed and tested over a long period of time, not only by technicians but also by chemists, they are all cosmetically Safety tested and conform to EU and International Safety legislations. We strive to bring you the best quality products that are on the market whilst being determined to offer excellent customer service and also focus on bringing you new products and the latest trends.

What is the easiest way to change colour of clients nails at the next appointment?

If using a coloured acrylic, we recommended laying down a clear base first to make it easier to change colours at future apps and prevent any staining of the natural nail

C Jel P

Not only do we have our acrylic system we have our very own range of vibrant, hard wearing gel polishes! We recommend the use of our 48w lamp to cure. All colours are also HEMA Free (top and base contain traces (safe compliant levels). ALL ABOUT THE BASE AND TIME TO SHINE IS HEMA FREE. Our gel is manufactured here in the U.K and we are always open to colour suggestions as we are enjoying building up the range and would love your input. (We have a huge essay on C Jel P application if wanted)

Now for the hard part - Choose a shade!

BOB - Brush on builder - Brush on builder gel, ideal for infilling.

Our famous brushes!

Designed to work with our system! made from only the best kolinsky hair

Queenie - size 16 (our largest brush) perfect for one bead and those who like to go big or go home!

Big Boy - size 14 Suitable for confident techs or those who like a slightly bigger brush BEST SELLER

Liz Guild - size 12 (highly popular!) Love by CJP - 8-10 (beginners, or those who like to work with total control over smaller beads) 3D precise ( for 3D flowers/petals) 3D Petite (intricate tiny centres and petals) Rose Gold Nail art brushes are perfect for one stoke and intricate designs, each brush has its own description on the website

CJP Ombre - perfect for Ombre with gel polish or BOB

CJP Gel Paint - For painting full colour nails with our gel paints.

Time to Shine – For glitter application 

We recommend you work to a 3.1 powder to liquid ratio!...... less monomer/less waste...... ideal bead pick up. CJP works best in its mouldable state, a good tip is to place the bead on the nail, sit back and count to 3 and then your good to go

Dip brush in liquid, wipe one side, place into powder, for 1.....2.....3, Place on nail - count to 3 while the bead settles!!!!!......then Pat, Pat, Pat......CJP will literally self level before your very eyes!

• Prep

• Dehydrate


• Application

• Gloss or Matte your work!!!.....

In addition to our range, you will find nail techs heaven in our nail art section from 5D decals to crystals/paints/gel paints/alloy, gems and much more. You name it we have got you covered.

Did you know we also have our very own range of lashes and make up! You won’t find a better liquid liner, brow tattoo or red lipstick on the planet (I haven’t managed to get to mars yet but earth is definitely covered)

Do we ship to your country? check our international shipping page! if not, do not panic we are adding new destinations all the time

We live by the saying “you can’t build a house on bad foundations” prep is the key to a perfect set of nails, our prep tools have been created to change your nail game - visit our salon essentials section which is home to our tools, forms, tips and everything else you need to be the best that you can.

If you have got to the end of this section you deserve a treat, head over to our main site, add some goodies to your basket, check out and our team of elves in the warehouse will be packing up your order before you have managed to log off

Lots of love.

CJP xxx

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