Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions and the answers. You will also find a brief explanation about our products.

What's the difference ... and can I use either or ...

  • CJP Monomer (HEMA free) is suitable for technicians/clients that suffer from allergies, we always recommend you patch test first before completing a full set on any allergies sufferers.
    CJP Monomer (Ultra Adhesive) is a durable monomer and does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

Core powders

  • We have a complete range of core powders consisting of clears/whites/sheer and an abundance of cover pinks and peaches!...... Milky Pink was created especially for a flawless ombré! Replace your usual white with Milky Pink and watch your ombré blend flawlessly!

Can I use any CJP monomer with any powder

  • Yes you can!....

Do the core powders need capping in clear

  • No they don't.....

Do I need to cap the coloured powders?

  • Any colour that needs capping has a baseball (cap) on the pot! We also recommend you cap powders that contain chunky glitters :) to protect that sparkle!

Can I get a sample kit?

  • Yes we have a "Try me Kit" or our larger version the "Mini Core Kit"

Do I use a bonder with this System?

  • Yes, we have two to choose from our ultra bond (acid free) and our ultra acid bond - (please note we can not ship acid bonder internationally)

Why are there three different dehydrators, do I need to use all three ?

No - choose one! - Personal Preference of application

  • Brush On
  • Prep Spray - also disinfects hands and tools!
  • Fresh Prep - Scrub on

What's the difference between CJP and other major brands?

  • It was created with love by nail technicians, doing what you do!

Do CJP Monomers contain MMA?

  • CJP Monomers DO NOT contain MMA


Why is CJP so good???

  • Because of you! We couldn't do this without all of you supporting us and spreading the word, we hope you love our products as much as we do!
  • CJP is not only a high quality system, it's also affordable, we share the profit with you!..... we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality at the best prices!.....
  • After years of searching for the best system we literally took all our favourites bits from each and put them into one - CJP!

We developed our own colour range that you will not find anywhere else as the recipes were written by ourselves and developed and tested over a long period of time, not only by technicians but also by chemists, they are all cosmetically Saftey tested and conform to EU and International Saftey legislations. We strive to bring you the best quality products that are on the market whilst being determined to offer excellent customer service and also focus on bringing you new products and the latest trends.

What is the easiest way to change colour of clients nails at the next appointment?

  • If using a coloured acrylic we recommended laying down a clear base first to make it easier to change colours at future apps

C Jel P

  • Not only do we have our acrylic system we have our very own range of vibrant, hard wearing gel polishes!.....: We recommend the use of a 48w lamp to cure


  • Designed to work with our system!.... made from only the best kolinsky hair
  • Big Boy - size 14 (our largest) perfect for one bead!
  • Liz Guild - size 12 (highly popular!)
  • Love by CJP - 8-10 (beginners, or those who like to work with total control over smaller beads)
  • 3D precise ( for 3D flowers/petals)
  • 3D Petite (intricate tiny centres and petals)

Original Brush collection

  • Size 6 - Acrylic designs
    Size 4 - 4D

Size 2 - our original 3D brush, slightly larger than our 3D precise.

  • We recommend you work to a 3.1 powder to liquid ratio!...... less monomer/less waste...... ideal bead pick up,
  • Prep
  • Dehydrate
  • Bond
  • Application
  • Gloss or Matte your work!!!.....Using one of our amazing top coats

Dip brush in liquid, wipe one side, place into powder, for 1.....2.....3, (drain bead if a cover powder)
Place on nail - count to 3 while the bead settles!!!!!......then Pat,Pat,Pat......CJP will literally self level before your very eyes!

Easy to file/easy to soak.....!!!!!

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CJP Nail Systems (official Facebook group) for lots of tips, help and support from our thousands of users all over the world. (Do we ship to your country????......check our international shipping page!..... if not, don't panic we are adding new destinations all the time