Acrylic System

CJP Guards - Practice and Peel
 The One Monomer
Bright White - All Sizes
HEMA Free Full Kit
Prep Spray Plus
Rosa - All Sizes
The One Full Kit

The One Full Kit


Try Me Kit

Try Me Kit


Ultra Adhesive Full Kit
Mini Core Kit

Mini Core Kit


HEMA Free - Monomer All Sizes
Sherbet Lemon Cuticle Oil 15ml
Amor - All Sizes
Au Natural - All Sizes
Birthday Suit All Sizes
Champagne Pink - All Sizes
Cherry Blossom Blush - All Sizes
Clear Ice - All Sizes
Coconut Milk All Sizes
Crystal Glass - All Sizes
Honey Pearl All Sizes
Milky Pink - All Sizes
Negligee - All Sizes
Peach Sorbet - All Sizes
Perfect Peach All sizes
Slush Fairy All Sizes
Snow White - All Sizes
White Diamonds All Sizes
Promotional Poster A3 CJP 'H1'
Promotional Poster A3 CJP 'H2'
Ultra Bond 15ml
Ultra Acid Bonder Pen
Make It Matte  Top Coat
LED / UV Top Coat Tack Free
Dehydrator / Prep
Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep


Flower Blast  "Cuticle Oil"
Client Vouchers (Book of 50)
Flower Prop (White)
Flower Prop - Pink Purple
Love By CJP Mug
Promotional Poster 1 (A3)
Promotional Poster 2 (A3)
French Ombre Kit
Wall/Window Decal
Ultra ACID Bonder 13ml
Fantasy - All sizes
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