Acrylic System

CJP Guards - Practice and Peel
 The One Monomer
HEMA Free - Monomer All Sizes
Amor - 10g Core Powder
Amor - All Sizes
Au Natural  - 10g Core Powder
Au Natural - All Sizes
Birthday Suit - 10g Core Powder
Birthday Suit All Sizes
Bright White - 10g Core Powder
Bright White - All Sizes
Champagne Pink - All Sizes
Cherry Blossom Blush - All Sizes
Clear Ice - 10g Core Powder
Clear Ice - All Sizes
Coconut Milk 10g - Core Powder
Coconut Milk All Sizes
Crystal Glass 10g- Core Powder
Crystal Glass - All Sizes
Fantasy 10g - Core Powder
Fantasy - All sizes
Honey Pearl 10g - Core Powder
Honey Pearl All Sizes
Milky Pink 10g - Core Powder
Milky Pink - All Sizes
Negligee 10g - Core Powder
Negligee - All Sizes
Peach Sorbet 10g - Core Powder
Peach Sorbet - All Sizes
Perfect Peach 10g - Core Powder
Perfect Peach All sizes
Rosa 10g - Core Powder
Rosa - All Sizes
Slush Fairy 10g - Core Powder
Slush Fairy All Sizes
Snow White 10g - Core Powder
Snow White - All Sizes
White Diamonds All Sizes
Dehydrator / Prep
Ultra ACID Bonder 13ml
Ultra Bond 15ml
Ultra Acid Bonder Pen
Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep


Prep Spray Plus
LED / UV Top Coat Tack Free
Make It Matte  Top Coat
Flower Blast  "Cuticle Oil"
Sherbet Lemon Cuticle Oil 15ml
Try Me Kit

Try Me Kit


Mini Core Kit

Mini Core Kit


HEMA Free Full Kit
Ultra Adhesive Full Kit
The One Full Kit

The One Full Kit


Flower Prop (White)
Flower Prop - Pink Purple
Love By CJP Mug
Promotional Poster 1 (A3)
Promotional Poster 2 (A3)
Promotional Poster A3 CJP 'H1'
Promotional Poster A3 CJP 'H2'
Client Vouchers (Book of 50)
French Ombre Kit
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