Salon Essentials

CJP "Big Boy"  Brush
CJP Guards - Practice and Peel
Safety Drill Bit - Fine
Time to Shine Glitter Brush
CJP 3D "Petite"

CJP 3D "Petite"


CJP Crystal-Ease
Crystal Tips (Box of 500)
Crystal Tips Refill Bag of 50
Crystal Tips sizes 1-10 Baggie
Dusty Brush

Dusty Brush


Fish Forms (500)
Gripper Glue

Gripper Glue


Hygiene Masks pack of 50
Monomer Pot

Monomer Pot


Pump Dispenser
Safety Goggles
The 'Tornado' File
Tip Cutters

Tip Cutters


 Bell Drill Bit - Extra Coarse
 Safety Drill Bit - Coarse
Safety Drill Bit - Medium
Skittles Cuticle Drill Bit XS
Sponge Buffer Files ( 5 Pack )
Lint Free Wipes 1000 pcs
Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep


Prep Spray Plus
LED / UV Top Coat Tack Free
Make It Matte  Top Coat
Flower Blast  "Cuticle Oil"
Sherbet Lemon Cuticle Oil 15ml
Flower Prop (White)
Flower Prop - Pink Purple
Love By CJP Mug
CJP Cleanser 250ml
CJP Soak it off
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