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 Brush Case With 11 CJP Brushes
10 x 10g Pastel Pales Bundle
10 x 10g The Blues  Acrylic Bundle
Amethyst 10g (RF2)
Beautiful 10g (RF18)
Burnt Sugar 10g (RF31)
CJP Apron

CJP Apron


CJP Clay

CJP Clay


Dream Catcher 10g (RF56)
Frost Bite Glitter 10g
Inky Pool 10g (RF93)
Inky Pool 25g

Inky Pool 25g


Pink & Gold mixed Jewels
Rich Praline 10g (RF161)
Rich Praline 25g
Rose Gold Dusty Brush
Rose Gold Tip Cutters
Sherbet Lemon Hand cream 50ml
Snowflake Alloy
Space Dust 10g (RF190)
Starlight Express 10g (RF193)
Wish Glitter 10g
Chalk Blush 10g (RF36)
Sherbet Lemon Hand cream 250ml
Sherbet Lemon Foot Cream 50ml
 C Jel P After Party 15ml
Coconut Ice 10g (RF44)
Sherbet Lemon Foot Cream 200ml
Copper Rose 10g RF(47)
Fire Cracker 10g (RF65)
Sherbet Lemon Foot Scrub 250g
Hessian 10g (RF83)
Sherbet Lemon Foot Soak 500g
 C Jel P Angel 15ml
Iced Petal 10g (RF92)
Sherbet Lemon Treatment Oil 100ml
Little Treasures 10g (RF107)
 C Jel P Aubergine Gloss 15ml
Baby G 10g

Baby G 10g


Naughty and Nice 10g (RF128)
 C Jel P Bare Truth 15ml
Blushed Bronze 10g (RF28)
Orion's Belt 10g (RF141)
 C Jel P Bisque 15ml
Fig 10g (RF64)
Poppy 10g (RF154)
Ginger Glow 10g (RF75)
Queen Of Ice 10g (RF159)
Grand Canyon 10g (RF78)
Snow Fairy 10g (RF186)
Hot Paprika 10g (RF87)
 C Jel P Blue Jade 15ml
Smashed Diamonds 10g (RF177)
Smashed Emerald 10g (RF178)
Smashed Gold 10g (RF179)
Smashed Rubies 10g (RF181)
 C Jel P Cloud 9 15ml
CJP Rose Gold Tool Set
3D Letters

3D Letters


Blushed - 50g Core Powder
 C Jel P Happy Daze 15ml
 C Jel P Holler 15ml
 C Jel P Mustard Jar 15ml
Rose Gold Nail Scissors 001
Rose Gold Nail Pusher 002 (Spoon)
 C Jel P On The Rocks 15ml
Rose Gold Nail Pusher 003 (Flat)
Rose Gold Nail Cutter 005
Rose Gold Nail Pincher 006
Dare to Bare- 50g Core Powder
Frosted Rose - 50g Core Powder
 C Jel P Toxic 15ml
 C Jel P Walnut 15ml
Obsession - 50g Core Powder
 C Jel P Willow 15ml
OH Dolly - 50g Core Powder
Sun Kissed - 50g Core Powder
CJP Towel

CJP Towel


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