A French Ombre kit containing everything you need!   a cover powder suitable for every skin tone and occasion, from soft white to sparkly white, to warm pinks and cool nudes   Kit contents listed below 


1x 10g Peach Sorbet

1 x 10g Amor

1x 10g Au Natural 

1 x 10g Negligee

1 x 10g Birthday Suit 

1 x 10g Cherry Blossom Blush

1 x 10g Snow White 

1 x 10g Champagne Pink 

1 x 10g Perfect Peach 

1 X 10g  White Diamonds 

1 x 10g Milky Pink 

1 x 10g Crystal Glass 

1  x Snow Storm Glitter 

1 x Snow Queen Glitter 


French Ombre Kit

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