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Its a cracker 10g Powder Pot Bundle

Product Code: Its a cracker 10g Powder Pot Bundle

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1 x Finest Hour 10g
1 x Golden Eagle 10g
1 x Quest 10g
1 x Sky High 10g
1 x Stereotype 10g
1 x Why Always Me 10g
Glitter Powder

CJP Glitter powders need little introduction they really are amazing; the depth and clarity of our glitters are unsurpassed.  In order to protect that very beautiful sparkle you need to cap these beauties in a layer of clear, luckily for you our clear powders have the clarity of glass so not one glitter flake with be compromised! 

You can also pop a thin layer of clear down first to make colour changes easier and add even more strength. 

All our monomers have been designed to work with all CJP powders so you can simply choose your favourite liquid.


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