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  • Blood Roses Water Decals

CJP water decal are truely unique and can be used both ON TOP of regular nail polish or UV gel polish & UNDER UV gel or acrylic for beautiful encapsulated designs.


1. Cut out the nail decal close to the chosen image.

2. Soak the nail decal in a small bowl of water for 15-20 seconds

3. Slide to release the nail decal off the white backing

4. Place the nail decal on your nail

5. Dab excess water off the nail decal with a paper towel

6. Seal the nail decal with a 2 coats of led/uv CJP finishing gloss for best results 


Hints and Tips

*For a more vibrant effect, apply nail decals over light coloured nails.

*Have fun, try personlising your decal by adding handpainted detailing, glitters, try framing your design with studs, jewels or 3d artwork.

*We love to see your creations, share all your nail pics using the hashtag #cjpnailsystems.

Blood Roses Water Decals

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